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Petal symbolism[edit]

"To the Taiwanese, the five petals flowers symbolize the five major nationalities of China (the Han, Manchu, Mongol, Hui, and Zang), and the five virtues (humanity, loyalty, ritual, wisdom, and trust)."

Doesnt it symbolize the 5 branches of government? A good number of Taiwanese would rather it not have anything to do with China (and I believe the blossom is on the proposed flag for the Republic of Taiwan). --Jiang


Another picture with sharper focus and different color.
[[Image:PlumBlossom.JPG]] --Kowlonese, Feb 2004

added. -Menchi 01:01, 22 Feb 2004 (UTC)

Taiwan's expressway signs[edit]

The flower is also the shape for Taiwan's expressway number signs. --jidanni

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