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This is a proposed part of my project "The Effect of the Computer on the Daily Life of an Ordinary Person." As of now, I do not yet know if I will include this in the project, but I decided to put it here for the Wikipedians, in case they find something they might want to use.

Since you all know my name, I won't put it here anymore, as well as the college, class, batch, section, and so on and so forth.

Please tell me if you want or don't want your names written in here (Privacy request). Comments in italics and (parentheses). Here goes:

An Analysis of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, and its editors

What is Wikipedia?[edit]

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia founded in 2001 by Jimmy Donal Wales, an Internet entrepreneur who founded Wikipedia as part of the Wikimedia project in 2001. The goal of the Wikimedia and its subprojects is to provide free information to the public. On Wikipedia, anybody can be a contributor. One does not need to be registered - even anonymous users can write and submit an article, hence the term "free encyclopedia." This form of free editing has raised Wikipedia's popularity, making it more popular than other online encyclopedias (but is it really). Over 250,000 registered (and more unregistered) users continuously edit over 540,000 articles. This may raise concerns about Wikipedia's accuracy and quality. But to ensure that peace and order reign within this online community, some 450 administrators supervise the encyclopedia, deleting unnecessary article stubs (super-short articles), blocking vandals (users who deliberately bring down the quality of Wikipedia), and constantly editing the articles.

*To be continued*